Install or upgrade the operative system

Did you know Windows XP has gone out of support by Microsoft, and Vista is about to follow suit?

When Microsoft stops support for a version of its software, it also stops developing the security patches and subsequently, the risk of infection and data loss increases.

Compounding the problem for old dinosaur computers is that new programs will not run in old operative systems. Face the facts, the newest programs are by far the most secure, fastest, and reliable.

So, if you are the type that holds onto hardware for a while, you may find yourself deciding if it is time to upgrade what you have, or replace the computer all together.

Our experience tells us that if you have had your machine for more than 4 years, it may be a good idea to simply buy a new one with Windows 7 on it. Check our Online Store for deals on New and Certified Refurbish desktops and laptops .

We value service as much as sales, and will honestly advise you if your machine would benefit from a system upgrade. You will positively be surprised at how much better Windows 7 performs compared with Windows XP on the same computer.

Feel free to call us to discuss these options. Once you decide, just give us a call and we will dispatch a technician along with a Windows 7 Installation disk (if you haven't purchased one yet) and bring your computer up to the latest system.

While there, we can perform a backup of your data and restore it when we are done, as well as install any software, peripherals, or anything else you need us to do.


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